Slovakiet: A Fantastic story – large format board book.

BIBIANA, International house of art for Children, represented by Viera Anoskinová and Luboslav Palo

The aim of the workshop
was to create a large format board book illustrated
by children. The board book should have the following dimensions: 100 x 70cm. It
should be possible to completely unfold the book and perceive it as an object in

underlying concept of the workshop was a comparison of the traditional Danish and Slovak story and the search
for common characteristics. The focus was fantasy, imagination and
creativity. Based on a visual presentation and a discussion on the
topic of a choosen Slovak story, each pair of kids should create their own
short tale. The children imagined a character and painted him/her in colors.

It ended up as a book of funny monsters and fantastic monster stories.


Papirkontoret visits BIBIANA, International House of Art for Children and Youth

We met with:

From Bibiana: Viera Anoskinova and Luboslav Palo